Synthol: The dumbest way to get huge muscles


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Synthol: The dumbest way to get huge muscles

Synthol, or site enhancement oil, is one way bodybuilders get so artificially big. Synthol is a mixture of medium-chain triglyceride oils, lidocaine and benzyl alcohol. Translated, it’s a synthetic oil made from fatty acids and painkiller. As for the alcohol? It’s used as an anti-bacterial.

First concocted by bodybuilder Chris Clark in the 90s, synthol can be injected locally to the part of the body you want to enhance.

Repeated injections see the accumulated oil become encapsulated between the muscle fibers. This can last between 3 to 5 years.

The side effects you ask? Well, the synthol may leak, and in extreme cases, your muscles may explode.

Gregg Valentino, the former holder of the record for the world’s biggest biceps, is also known as “that guy whose arm exploded” following years of steroid and synthol abuse.

Arlindo de Souza, a bodybuilder with the biggest biceps in Brazil whose arms measure up to 29 inches, admitted he didn’t get massive by working out.

He confessed to his synthol addiction and said each time he took it, he wanted more and more. There was no limit, even though his friend died from the same controversial treatment. He has now stopped using but admitted the temptation to start again is always there.


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